Extreme E

The Extreme E World Championship

Innovation and sustainability to create the world's first gender-equal eMotorsport race

The Official Smart Charging Partner

Enel X Way is teaming up with Extreme E, a new five-race championship with teams of two drivers, each consisting of a man and a woman, competing in all-electric SUVs in remote locations around the world. As the Official Smart Charging Partner, Enel X Way will provide its JuicePump 50 Race Edition smart chargers, which were developed specifically to power the championship's 100% electric SUV: the ODYSSEY 21.
The championship aims to increase awareness regarding the impact of climate change in remote, isolated environments and is being held in locations where the planet is facing some of its most critical issues: desertification and drought in Saudi Arabia, rising temperatures and ocean pollution in Senegal, and melting ice in Greenland are just some of the backdrops chosen to raise awareness.