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Enel X Way App, ecco le nuove funzionalità

Scopri l’App Enel X Way e inaugura al meglio il 2023: esplora tutte le nuove funzioni dell’applicazione e tutti i vantaggi pensati per la mobilità elettrica!

The 2022 Extreme E Championship concludes in Uruguay

Electric charging: flat rates to combat high energy prices

Electric cars: let's dispel some preconceptions

The Extreme E championship comes to Chile

For the first time, the electric SUV championship is staging races in South America, in a particularly spectacular location – the Atacama Desert.

Electric boating is increasingly a reality with Enel X Way

After Portofino, our charging infrastructure for electric boats has been installed at Cernobbio

The facts count: sustainable electric mobility with Enel X Way

The numbers confirm that our open approach is geared towards improving people's well-being.

Enel X Way and Free to X introduce Pos payments for EV charging

Testing now at selected 300 kW HPC stations on Italy’s A1 highway

Charge your electric car at McDonald's

New Enel X Way charging stations at restaurants in Italy and Spain

Integrated electric mobility, at sea and on the road

The first infrastructure for recharging electric boats is now operative at Portofino’s Umberto I pier

Enel X Way in the Flow project: driving forward electric mobility in Europe

30 organizations will work together to deliver an efficient expansion of electric mobility in Europe

Extreme E: the Eco-Rally Championship in Sardinia

Electric SUVS are ready to compete in a double event on the Island