Waybox: the home charging station

Charge your electric vehicle simply and safely at home.

Electric mobility is within reach with Enel X Way WayBoxTM

Our aim is to improve, simplify and extend access to the world of electric mobility. To this end, we have developed a smart charging solution that can meet all your needs. Waybox is a home charging device which enables users to charge their vehicles safely and autonomously in their own homes.


Waybox is easy to use, safe and smart: the charging station is available in 7.4 kW and 22kW versions, and can detect the energy consumption of other household appliances connected to the home meter. In this way, the maximum available capacity is never exceeded. What's more, it is always connected, so that it can receive assistance whenever necessary.


Thanks to the Enel X Way App, charging sessions can be activated, scheduled or monitored from a smartphone and, where necessary, public charging points can also be used, thanks to a worldwide network of stations. The interactive map, which 

Features more than 290,000 charging stations on the road network, enables you to plan your electric journey easily and quickly.


Download the free Enel X Way App from the App Store or Google Play.