The most beautiful cycling routes and destinations in Italy

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Travelling by bicycle is the perfect remedy for stress and the best way to visit new places. All you have to do is choose your destination, take the essentials and jump into the saddle. Everywhere in Italy you can ride along pleasant country roads, through picturesque medieval villages and take part in wine and food tours, real gems that you discover, pedal after pedal. Take your time, choose to stop every time you see something interesting: the beauty of travelling by bike is the incredible experience of being surprised, at every turn.



We have selected some of the most evocative cycling routes in Italy, suggestive destinations that those who love to travel and explore new places absolutely must know. And it is no coincidence that our choice follows some of the stages of Giro E, the tour of Italy by electric bike that winds its way through the most fascinating routes and landscapes of our country.

Bonus: the routes can all be reached comfortably in one's own electric car thanks to the widespread presence of charging stations, including those of Enel X Way and Ewiva, the fast-charge network created by the partnership between Enel X Way and the Volkswagen Group.

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Abruzzo: cycling along the Trabocchi Coast

Abruzzo is a proud and lovable region: unspoilt nature, a clear and accessible sea, authentic villages, and a culinary tradition for every palate make it to all intents and purposes a smart destination, and also decidedly bike-friendly, thanks to the recently implemented qualification of the cycling tourism offer in the region.

The Via Verde is one of the most evocative stretches of the Costa dei Trabocchi stretching from Pescara to Molise, created by the decommissioning of the Adriatic railway line and built right along the former track route. More than 263 km organised in 12 routes touching 9 former stations, easy, comfortable and well signposted, with illuminated tunnels and evocative views of the sea and the trabocchi, the typical structures used for fishing.


To feel a bit like a race but without the performance anxiety, we suggest the stretch from Ortona to Vasto, the Via Verde, which runs almost parallel to the Chieti-San Salvo route travelled by the participants in Giro E: an escape from the traffic, entirely by the sea with the possibility of stopping for a swim. 


The curiosity? Some of the trabocchi, the characteristic 'fishing machines' of the area, are actually made from disused elements of the old railway. A pre-circular economy, practically.


Discover all the recharging facilities in the area.

The salt route

In Cervia, in Emilia Romagna, cycling is almost a must. A long route on two wheels takes you from the historic centre to the salt pans to propose an attentive and sensitive tourism. 9 km of coastline, 4 locations embraced by the green pine forests of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata; and then the salt-pan nature reserve, which can be accessed by guided tour, from March to November. Also not to be missed is "The Butterfly House", which hosts and protects butterflies and insects from all over the world in its greenhouse. For an itinerary to be experienced with the whole family. 


From Cervia, if you wish, you can also try your hand at longer trails, non-demanding walks or more high-performance routes - such as the Giro-E that runs between Cesena and San Mauro Pascoli, in the nearby hinterland.

Cortina d'Ampezzo - Tre Cime di ​​Lavaredo

It is precisely from Levico, one of the stage towns of the GiroE, that the valley of the same name starts, furrowed by the river Brenta and accompanying it as far as the Venice lagoon. The cycle path starts from Lake Caldonazzo, next to Lake Levico, and winds its way to Bassano del Grappa.


80 kilometres along which culture, history and natural landscapes straddle the Trentino and Veneto regions - the paths and trenches of the First World War and the Borgo Valsugana War Museum, to name but a few - along a water path that shows artistic and natural aspects of extreme interest, through areas rich in attractions. The route is flat and suitable for everyone.

The distinguishing feature of this cycle path are the services, rental and repair points, bike-grills, and charging opportunities for electric bikes; for its focus on sustainability it received the Italian Green Road Award, the press prize, as Italy's greenest cycle path at the Cosmo Bike Show in Verona in 2020.


Numerous Enel X Way charging stations are available in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Appia, Regina Viarum

The Via Appia Antica, also known as Regina Viarum, the queen of roads, was one of the most important communication routes in Ancient Italy: it connected Rome to Brindisi, where there was a fundamental port for trade routes to the East.


Now the Roman part of this road can also be cycled, crossing an area where time seems to have stood still: along the way you will come across ancient funerary monuments and endless countryside that make the atmosphere truly unique, especially if you happen to tackle it at sunset.


From the centre of Rome (Circo Massimo area) to Frattocchie (a hamlet of Marino, one of the municipalities of the Castelli Romani) it is about 17 km, with some moderately tiring climbs.

How to organise a bicycle tour

Just like a tour with a normal bike, a tour with an electric bike requires some planning. This includes:

  • Establishing a reasonable itinerary appropriate to your physical fitness (yes, even if the bike is electric)
  • Choosing the right type of bike for your trip 
  • Knowing your bike, i.e. how its parts work and how to repair them
  • Organise in advance the necessary stops, food, equipment and possible shelter
  • Know the terrain and weather (rain is unpleasant but wind is more so!)

Charging while travelling

Keeping the e-bike battery charged is always a concern but, in reality, not such a big problem. In fact, it is surprising how many charging opportunities are available: restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and petrol stations. And for a totally electric trip, you can reach the clickable routes with your car, which you can charge during your pedal excursion.

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