Enel X Way App, here's the new functionalities

Discover the Enel X Way App and start 2023 in the best way: explore all the new app functionalities and all the advantages for electric mobility!

Pubblicato il: January 30, 2023

A brand, an app: Enel X Way ushers in 2023

Recharging your electric car has never been so easy. More now than ever, all the benefits of e-mobility are right at your fingertips, thanks to the Enel X Way App. Extra features and a customer experience designed to provide an enhanced phygital interaction, with a new and improved app to act as a nexus between customer and brand. New name, more benefits: from JuicePass to the Enel X Way App, in 2023 it’s now even easier to make the most of the over 260,000 charging stations we operate worldwide.

Enel X Way App, electric car charging made simple

Just jump in your electric car and don’t give a second thought to how you’re going to get the batteries charged. With the Enel X Way App, a brand new battery charging interface for electric car drivers, you’ll have all the old JuicePass features plus a few new ones designed specifically for the zero-emissions user. Enel X Way's vision for a more sustainable world through the electrification of transportation has now been turned into an app that’s already compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. Available to download on Google Play and the App Store, you can use it either by registering your details directly on the app, logging in via your social media profile (Facebook, Google or Apple) or just by utilizing the various services as a guest. Individuals and companies can already monitor and manage the charging cycle, whether it’s initiated via a public, private or home charging station. The stations are all visible via an interactive map, so it’s easy to pinpoint the nearest charging point. The search function includes really handy filters, enabling the customer to narrow down the search according to the main characteristics of the Enel X Way station, such as power, socket type or any time restrictions. And that’s not all, with a monthly subscription or using the pay-as-you-go rates, the user can customize each stop according to their specific needs. To have complete peace of mind while out and about in your electric car, it’s even possible to book a charging station for a specific time.

New features for a less complicated future

We’ve listened carefully to our customers who already use JuicePass, and the renaming of this electric vehicle charging app will come with a range of new features aimed at making Enel X Way the leading enabler of electric mobility. With just a few simple steps your charging experience can be totally personalized, affirming the Enel X Way App as a super-convenient, multifunctional user interface.


This journey starts with the Trip Planner, a service that allows you to plan your route, a feature that’s made possible through the integration with Power Cruise Control. The proposed routes are determined by taking into account parameters relating to the model and range of the vehicle, and also provides suggestions on where to recharge and after how long. And so it’s goodbye to range anxiety, the electric car driver’s number one fear has been vanquished. Charging stations can be saved in your Favorites, so they can be found on the map more easily when you need a future top up. You can also add some personal notes for each station. It’ll also be easier to manage your tariffs, with notifications generated via the wallet to inform you of any upcoming activation or expiry dates regarding the tariff you’re on. What if we use our own JuiceBox at home? You can manage every little detail yourself via the app. You’ll be able to start and end the charging process, set the start time and duration of the session. All through the Enel X Way App.


What are you waiting for? Download the new app onto your device and discover the brand new way to manage your vehicle charging, making our towns and cities cleaner and quieter together.