Fratelli Sposito con ospiti davanti la Taverna Estia

The starred recharge arrives at Taverna Estia

The Sposito brothers' restaurant put their trust in Enel X Way.

Published on: October 25, 2022
An island of serenity and a break for the senses near Naples. Enel X Way stops off in Brusciano and this time we sit down to savor the unique dishes of the Neapolitan tradition at Taverna Estia. The small village boasts the two-star Michelin restaurant of the Sposito family: Francesco's skillful cooking and a caring and refined welcome by Mario.

Time for a little indulgence and a recharge

The restaurant was created as a family-run business, strongly anchored to the local area and traditions. Respect for the environment and for the resources that nature is able to offer are fundamental points in the entire process that leads the initial product - supplied by local farmers and artisans - to be re-routed to the table, passing through the starred kitchen of chef Francesco Sposito. Attention to sustainability typifies the entire experience at Taverna Estia. Starting from the entrance - the area in front of which the Enel X Way electric charging station is installed - which leads into the wonderful garden.

Cancello d'ingresso della Taverna Estia
The experience begins here with the aromas and the view: “relaxing jasmine niches”, as the Michelin guide defined them, and an herbarium of aromatic plants that peek out from flowerbeds finished in recycled wood. The choice of ecological materials is immediately striking, both inside and out, and at the same time refined, rustic and modern. The open kitchen arouses the tastebuds, while wine lovers can rely on Mario, an expert and passionate sommelier, to recommend ad hoc combinations between great Campania and national labels. And finally, you cannot miss “'na tazzulella 'e cafè” (a little cup of coffee). Strictly from the moka pot, according to the best Neapolitan tradition.

The Set&Charge offer by Enel X Way Italia

Sposito esegue ricarica della sua auto elettrica tramite una JuiceBox

The Sposito brothers have chosen to enrich the service reserved for their customers by participating in Set&Charge, the new proposal from Enel X Way which offers companies and reception establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, the installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in their parking areas.

Specifically, with the Set&Charge offer, Enel X Way Italia offers companies the purchase of one or more sets of charging infrastructure, together with the management software;

and if companies intend to make the charging service available to the public, they will be able to personalize the price, monitoring the performance of the service and managing the related takings.

Enel X Way, a sustainable lifestyle choice

For a starred reality like Taverna Estia, Set&Charge represents a significant added value. A service in the name of sustainability and reliability, guaranteed by our brand, in line with the goal of the owners of the facility to create a tasteful experience, in full respect of the raw materials and the surrounding environment. The cuisine of the Taverna Estia restaurant and the sustainable technological solutions designed by Enel X Way are the perfect combination for a regenerating and eco-friendly pit stop.

Interno della Taverna Estia con bottiglie di vino sul tavolo sotto un arco