Giro-E Enel X Way

The unique e-bike experience on our country's roads

What is Giro-E

Giro-E is a unique e-bike experience that will travel the roads of Italy from North to South from May 6 to 28.


Enel X Way will be the Title Sponsor of an event whose goals include raising awareness of sustainable mobility and all issues related to environmental sustainability. 


The Giro-E takes place with approved pedal-assisted racing bicycles with 250W motors, capable of reaching a maximum speed limited to 25 km/h. The 2023 edition, the fifth, includes 20 stages and 1,600 participants divided into 15 teams with a daily distance between 70 and 100 km and levels of difficulty that will allow even novices to participate in the competition.

The stages of the Giro-E

Giro-E will start on Saturday, May 6, in Fossacesia, Abruzzo, on the Trabocchi Coast. The first week will be dedicated to the fantastic sights of southern Italy. The group with all its e-bikes will then climb through the Apennines, eventually reaching the Alps. There will also be an encroachment into Switzerland, in the stage that sees the arrival in Crans Montana. The last mountain stage will see the wonderful panorama of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, before the grand finale in Rome on May 28.

Giro-E jerseys

There will be 6 jerseys worn by the leaders of the special rankings within the Giro-E. The most important one will be the Enel X Way BLUE Jersey worn by the leader of the General Classification.


The other jerseys will be for the special classifications. The ORANGE Jersey will be designated for the Special Ranking Leader. The GREEN "RIDE GREEN" one is the jersey of the Leader of the Regularity Trial Classification. The RED Jersey, on the other hand, will be worn by the Leader of the Master Classification (given by the sum of participants' personal age). 


The WHITE Jersey dedicated to the Youth Classification Leader (given by the sum of participants' personal age). Finally, the SOCIAL Jersey for the Team with the best dedicated social activity.

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