29 julio 2022

Electric navigation under the Enel X Way label sets sail from Portofino

  • The first charging infrastructure for electric boats has been inaugurated in the Gulf of Tigullio municipality, further embracing carbon-free solutions through integrated electric mobility.

Genoa, July 29, 2022 – Portofino continues to take center stage in the journey towards sustainable zero-emission mobility, even in the maritime domain. Today marks the inauguration of Italy's first Enel X Way electric boat charging infrastructure, attended by Mayor Matteo Viacava and Regional Minister for Infrastructure and Environment, Giacomo Raul Giampedrone.


Portofino becomes the premier example of integrated maritime and automotive mobility in our country, a vision strongly endorsed by the municipal administration to enhance air quality and achieve carbon neutrality, extending to the use of the port infrastructure.


Enel X Way's experiment in Portofino entails providing a charging infrastructure on loan, aimed at accommodating electric boats and promoting sustainable tourism. The public infrastructure is located at Molo Umberto I and allows for charging up to 75 kW in DC and 22 kW in AC, covering all current market standards.


This service complements the electric vehicle charging infrastructure planned for the multi-story car park in Portofino and within the Paraggi parking area. These two recent installations add to the 144 charging stations in the province of Genoa and the 234 in Liguria, amounting to a total of 466 charging points throughout the region.


"We are tremendously proud to take this step alongside Enel X Way, equipping our port with an infrastructure that will serve as a model for other marinas in Italy," affirms Mayor Matteo Viacava. "This decision aligns with the positive momentum generated last May through the 'Portofino Carbon Free' project. Providing low-impact solutions for both water and land transportation remains a key objective of great interest to us."


"We have consistently advocated for green policies and the use of electric vehicles," states Liguria Regional President Giovanni Toti, "not only in major cities but also in our villages. Thus, I wish to extend my congratulations for initiatives like this one, promoting environmental respect through a sustainable mobility experience in Portofino, the jewel of Tigullio and one of the most renowned and prestigious destinations for tourism in our region. The philosophy of zero emissions is the future, and Liguria is once again demonstrating its alignment with the times."


"Enel has been a pioneer in transport electrification for years and now, with Enel X Way, we are committed to expanding the network of charging points for electric vehicles across the country, extending it to waterborne transportation as well," highlights Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Enel X Way. "We are delighted to inaugurate the first boat charging infrastructure in Portofino and to launch a new path of integrated mobility from here. This has been made possible through collaboration with the Municipal Administration, contributing to making this enchanting village, known worldwide, even more welcoming and sustainable for residents and tourists."


Electric boating is a growing global trend in terms of volume and represents an ideal solution, and in some cases already the only viable one, for navigation in precious marine, lake, and river areas from a landscape and environmental perspective.