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Innovation and Sustainability

An ecosystem of products to serve the environment

There's no innovation without sustainability. This is the idea that has always guided the Enel Group, and which today is evident in Enel X Way, a global platform that can support governments, lawmakers and communities as they move toward the full electrification of transport and consumption, and therefore achieve sustainable development goals.


We are strategic partners of companies, cities and local and national organizations; working with them to build the path to the energy transition and decarbonization. We believe technology is only useful if it improves people's lives, and this is why we develop intelligent solutions that are sustainable for the environment and our day-to-day activities. And that’s why we are committed to developing services and infrastructure that further accelerate this process, creating sustainable value which is available to everyone. This value can guide society towards the goals set for 2050 regarding electrification and the preservation of the environment and climate.


Our model of technological development is based on the principles of the circular economy, which are deeply rooted in the fields of electric mobility, energy efficiency and network flexibility. With Enel X Way we're ready to go further still to make electric mobility available to everyone. Mobility that’s inclusive, accessible to all and capable of removing barriers which, through a global platform, isn’t just about mobility on the road, but is also experimenting in new areas such as the nautical sector and vertical take-off systems.